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The Climbing
Las Animas

Las Animas is a gently overhanging crag with lots of tufas and flakes.  There are many hard projects on the smoother middle part of the wall. This is the most popular wall in El Salto but best to avoid it on the weekends because the four wheelers stir up lost of dust buzzing by the crag all day. A few routes have been closed in the middle of the cliff because of Petroglyphs please respect the closures.

Tecolote Cave

Tecolote Cave has some classic cave style routes with big tufas and stalactites. It is another 20 minute hike past Las Animas but worth the hike. It is home to super classics like Nosferatus 12c and Felicidad 11

La Palma/ La Marrana

La Palma is a little further down the road from Kika's and is a literal bumper belay crag.  There are steep routes with chains and some moderate routes on the edges of the cave.

La Boca

La Boca also has some classic routes and is a shorter approach then Las Animas. It is home of some 

Also if it is a year when the river is flowing through El Salto La Boca is nice because you don't have to hike through the river.  Also a little further up the canyon is Alex Catlin's new area La Sabrosa which has some new classics that rival Las Animas. 

Cumbia Cave


Cumbia Cave is in the El Salto vicinity.   If you are looking for big tufas this is your place.  Cumbia cave is down a bumpy dirt road that drops off the highway when you are halfway up the hill going to El Salto.  Click Here for more information on the Cumbia Cave

San Isidro

San Isidro Canyon ten minutes driving past El Salto the highway goes through another canyon with more huge limestone walls.  There are two walls with routes on them.  On the right as you enter the canyon there is another belay from the bumper crag with 5.10 - 5.12 on orange featured rock.  On the left as you enter the canyon up the hill are some 5.12-5.13 routes that are accessed via a short 5.7 pitch to a ledge. Check out the routes here on Mountain Project San Isidro


Topo by Brian Tickle

Guide Books

There is a Rakup guide book available that is currently a work in progress.

There is also 200 page book slated to come out winter 2018/19

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